Too Much Love Debt Before Invincibility, Before Being Invincible, There Were Too Many Love Debts, Wudi Zhiqian Qing Zhai Taiduo-Biandi Xingchen, 無敵之前情債太多
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Genres: Manhua , Ecchi , Demons , Fantasy , Harem
Original language: Chinese
Translated language: English
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Original work: Ongoing
Upload status: Ongoing
Year of Release: 2022
After a desperate struggle, Supreme Saint Ling Yunfeng along with a team with determined beliefs have finally restored order to the world. I was just about to enjoy the hard-won peace, but suddenly discovered that before the struggle, he actually forged a lot of love debts and had children. It's time to pay it back! The supreme saint, who is a single dog and has no experience in raising children. The Supreme Saint has to fight in this new battlefield!
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