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📌Lady Wants To Rest
📌The Untouchable Lady
📌Our Little Empress ➡️ OPEN S2
📌The Princess Imprints A Traitor ➡️ END S2
📌Aturan Dalam Web Novel
📌Pertempuran Para Putri
📌Trash of The Count's Family
📌Ranker Who Lives Twice
📌 Apakah Diriku Putrimu?
📌 Kehidupan Baru Si Kembar
📌The Protection of Lariensa Gelinus

📌Why The Emperor Need A Secretary
📌I Didn't Mean To Seduce The Male Lead! ➡️ OPEN S2
📌I Raised An Obsessive Second Male Lead ➡️ END S1
📌Starting From Today I Am A Princess
📌 99 Pengantin Duke ➡️ END S1
📌Relationship of Intended Carelesness
📌The Princess Is Evil
📌Into The Light Once Again ➡️ END S1
📌I Only Came To Find My Dad ➡️ END S1
📌 Pernikahan Kontrak Duchess Ashleyan ➡️ END S1
📌The Legendary Beast Animal Hospital
📌 Ketika Bulan Hitam Terbit ➡️ END S1
📌 The Extra Refuses Excessive Obsession
📌 Jangan Beri Hatimu Pada Buku Itu ➡️ END S1
📌 Boneka Kesayangan Sang Tiran
📌 The Grand Duchess of The North Was Actually A Villainess
📌 In This Life, I'm The Master

💎 The Frozen Player Returns ➡️ END S1
💎 The Player Who Can't Level Up
💎 Kesatria Tombak Legend Hidup Lagi
💎 Yang Penting Makan! [Leveling Up Only by Eating]
💎 Leveling Beyond the Max ➡️ END S1
💎 The Descent Of The Demonic Master
💎 How to Use a Returner
💎 Gacha Pemburu Level SSS

✅ Ria Anak Keitel ➡️ END
✅ The Tyrant's Tutor ➡️ END

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